What is Free the Campus and what is the purpose?

Free the Campus is a student-led effort to make universities a place where free-speech is tolerated. We are providing a platform where individuals can hear all sides of various issues. The goal is to build bridges and bring peace between everyone, no matter their beliefs. Liberals, conservatives, libertarians, republicans, democrats, and others, all have good intentions; we all want to see the world become a better place for everyone. However, even though everyone has good intentions, we frequently don’t understand why people believe the things they do, and that leads us to think they are hateful or stupid. In order to fix this and bridge the divide, students from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro have created Free the Campus.

Freethecampus.com is where you can find the reasons and arguments for why people hold their beliefs. Free the Campus does not take a stance on any view that is posted here; just because an argument is posted, does not mean we agree or disagree with it. This way we can understand each other better, hear different perspectives, and hopefully change our minds to follow where we think the evidence leads. College campuses have become a place that is hostile to alternate views, and our objective is to make all views heard without fear. None of us should live in an echo-chamber, only ever hearing things we already believe.

Any student can write and submit an article, and if it is well-written we will post it on the website. We do not censor views strictly because we disagree, however no personal attacks, vulgar, or adult material will be published. Reading posts on our site will inform you of the reasons on all sides of issues, without dividing people like arguments sometimes do. We hope to host and upload debates on campus, so that the issues can be questioned and tested.

Also, in order to provide an easy way to express yourself and exercise free speech, we offer access to t-shirts on the site, each featuring a unique message to represent your views. There are no ads on the site, and you may notice that the shirts are extremely cheap for custom graphic tees; that’s because we are trying to make them as accessible as we can to anyone who wants to exercise free-speech. Our goal with this movement is to allow everybody to freely express themselves.

We would like to see this movement towards free-speech become a trend in all universities across the nation. Together, we can reshape the university to allow all voices to be heard, and build a culture that tries to understand each other instead of letting politics divide us. Open your mind to different points of view, and learn the reasons behind your own views!

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Author: Ryan Scarbel

Ryan Scarbel is the founder and Executive Director of Free the Campus, Inc. Ryan is a student at University of North Carolina at Greensboro, who's passion is to promote free speech and challenge all ideas in search of truth.