Free the Campus is a student-led movement to build bridges between people of opposing views. This is a platform for the marketplace of ideas. People on both the political left and right tend to live in echo chambers, where they only ever hear ideas that affirm what they already believe. Free the Campus is a venue in which all ideas will be challenged. We will publish short articles which contain arguments, giving the reasons why people hold the views they do. Arguments we publish do not necessarily represent our views, but we support giving any view that can be well-argued a chance to be heard and examined.

Arguments are categorized as being either conservative, liberal, or other, and can be found under their respective tabs in the menu. We encourage you to read both sides of the arguments! Reading the work on this site will equip you with an understanding of all sides of issues. You will be able to see why people believe the things they do. Our goal is that you will walk away with a better understanding of your peers, and be better informed about your own views.

One more thing… changing one’s mind is not something to be afraid of, but rather is a sign of intellectual integrity. Realize that there are intelligent people on all sides of these issues, and none of us have everything right. Do not commit yourself to holding all conservative or all liberal views, but rather critically and carefully examine each view and follow wherever the evidence leads you!

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