Free the Campus is a student movement to make college campus a place where everyone can feel safe making their voice heard. The college campus has become an echo chamber for leftist beliefs, and any challenge to their ideology is met with hatred and hostility. We need to create a culture of openness, where speech is free and ideas are not silenced. The university needs to once again become a marketplace of ideas. Free the Campus is a platform where leftist ideas will be challenged by university students. We will be publishing arguments written by students and videos featuring students, that show there are logical and loving reasons for holding what are commonly considered controversial beliefs on campus. Arguments we publish do not necessarily represent our views, but we support giving any silenced view that can be well-argued a chance to be heard and examined. Free the Campus will also equip you with the arguments for defending positions that the University System will never teach you; follow us, and together we will take a step forward towards a free future.

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